Do I lose my license for a DUI?

Drunk Driving or driving under the influence of a drug is a serious offense! So the best bet is to avoid it all together. 10,142 people died in 2019 from drunk driving crashes!

But what if it happens? California has severe penalties for anyone convicted of a DUI but worse you can have your license automatically suspended following your arrest! That means your license can be suspend before you ever see a judge or jury!

How does the suspension happen?

The arresting officer will usually take your license at the time and give you a temporary one. Giving you the temporary license notifies the DMV that you have been arrested and charged which starts the administrative clock ticking. This is the “Admin Per Se” process which is just a name for the DMV hearing process.

You have 10 days to request a hearing from with the DMV and prevent the automatic suspension!

3 Benefits of a DMV Hearing

  • You could win the hearing and keep your license
  • Requesting a hearing delays the process and hopefully allows you to keep your license and driving privilege until your trial is over.
  • You attorney has a chance to review the officer testimony at the DMV hearing, well ahead of your criminal trial.

Remember winning the DMV hearing is only part of the equation as the judge could still suspend your license as a result of any criminal sentencing.

The best DUI attorney for you will be local, have a transparent fee system, have extensive experience, and will not make promises they can’t keep. The best DUI attorney will care about getting your life back to normal quickly with minimal impact. The best DUI attorney will be affordable.

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