Utah Police Release Body Cam Footage of Gabby Petito encounter.

The disappearance or failure of Gabby Petito to check in with her family is a major story right now. Utah authorities have provided bodycam footage of an encounter with the couple.

Gabby went on a cross-country exploration trip with her fiance and boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. He has returned home.

A lot of press noise is being made about the fact that Brian Laundrie is refusing to interview or assist the police with their missing person investigation.  This is the absolute best thing for Mr. Laundrie to do.  Understand the focus of the investigation will most assuredly focus on Mr. Laundrie at some stage in the future if evidence of a crime is discovered, he will be the primary suspect.  

Innocent people are accused of crimes all the time and Mr. Laundrie should be exercising his right to remain silent and answer only under the advice of counsel.

It is worth note that in the encounter it seems that Petito was the aggressor in this incident and Laundrie the victim. Utah police decided not to cite Petito for domestic battery but instead separated the couple for a cooling-off period.

More details of the plight of this couple will come to light in the near future and we hope that Ms. Petito returns unharmed.

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